Would you buy a Bungalow ? No Problem

Big Version family bungalow 45 m2 25`000 €

11 convincing reasons you should buy!


  • Your bungalow is supervised by Swiss Nationals
  • You may have free holidays in your own bungalow
  • If you send guest` to us, you get 15 % by letting same when you are not there
  • Increase your profit through your own advertising & letting
  • Newest studies show tourism will Double in the next 15 years
  • You are unable to stop globalisation, but you may join and be determined
  • Revolutionary new aircraft with up to 600 Passengers
  • Cheaper air-fares in the future
  • Shorter journey times
  • Possibility of more vacation time
  • Excessive land prices in Europe ( Spain, Italy, Greece etc )

Would you like to buy real estate? ( Under construction )

Would you like to buy some land? ( Under construction )