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We are very pleased that you are visiting our home page. On this page you will learn a little more about us. You are here on the Home Page of Daniel, Ellita and Sascha Meier

Many will ask themselves: How do you get the idea to open a bungalow resort in the Philippines? When I was working as a factory mechanic at Mövenpick Prodag in 1980, a refrigeration service technician who had just spent his holidays in Bali came by. He talked about his adventures and experiences where his eyes sparkled. I felt the enthusiasm in him. Since it had been boiling in me for a long time and I clearly felt the wanderlust, I decided to do something.

Something had to happen.

The Pontiac which I drove at this time, I exchanged for a bicycle and saved during 10 months money. After a visit to the travel agency it was clear that my first big trip was to Egypt, Philippines, and Thailand. After this experience I was a different person. First I tried it on the high seas with the company Suisse Atlantique. I came up with this idea through a friend named Fritz, whom I met in Manila. He had been driving to sea for several years and had been working for this company for quite some time. I crossed the Atlantic a few times with 60,000 tons of soya beans and then checked in Hamburg because of a death in the family.

Later I completed an additional training as a foreign mechanic, which led me as a textile machine technician to various distant countries.

On December 16, 1995 I met my EX wife Ellita and the following year we got married.

On 24.04.1999 Sascha came into the world which keeps us on our toes every day with a lot of imagination.

Sascha und Daniel Sascha Daniel Pascuala

We hope you enjoy your upcoming holidays and would be pleased if you would choose Octopussy Bungalow Resort as your destination.

Best regards

Daniel, Sascha and Pascuala